Destination Wedding Chicago Drake Hotel / by Archi Prudencio

One of the many perks of having a job like ours is the opportunity to travel. We are always thrilled to change settings and experience a new environment. For this project, I was invited to shoot Dinara and Mohammed’s wedding in Chicago.

This was my first time visiting the lovely Windy City. Though it was April, it was still very cold, and snowed on the couple’s wedding day. But snow or storm, Dinara and Mohammed didn’t seem to mind the weather. They are Chicagoans after all! 

When it got too chilly to shoot outdoors, Dinara’s maid of honor, Bon, suggested a change of scenery. A friend of hers was working at the Art Institute of Chicago and offered the space as another shooting location. When we arrived, we were completely blown away by the architecture of the building and the rooftop area with a fantastic view of the skyline.

At that moment, it was still too nippy outside but I couldn’t help but seize the moment. I asked the couple if they were willing to stay out for a few shots, and they happily obliged.

Just when I began to point my camera at the two, snow started falling from the sky. I was so happy I was able to capture Dinara and Mohammed’s genuine reaction. It’s times like these when I realize how amazing my job truly is.