FKJ - "Higher in Love" / by Archi Prudencio

What do you get when you mix the bustling upbeat vibes of the city, the freshness of lush towering trees, and the gaping depth of the desert?  You get the “Higher in Love” music video.

This collaborative work of art was shot in five days and set in five magnificent locations: Bishop, CA, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Mono Lake, and Mammoth.

 As per usual, Archi contributed to some behind-the-camera work, while Jane took lead in hair and make-up.

Since this was a quick yet large production, we had help from several talented artists. Without them, this video wouldn’t be as visually stimulating and soulful as it is.

So kick your feet back, relax, and allow FKJ to take you on a journey of adventure, exploration, and bliss.



Dir: Mosss

DP: Andrew Truong and Archi Prudencio

AD: Ethan Delorenzo

Line Prod: Ralph Hsaio

MUA: Jane Prudencio

Talent: River, Quin

Edit: Mosss

Color: Mars

VFX: Tom Wexler

Exec prod: Roche Musique