Kyle & Alexis Surprise Proposal at Grand Park Los Angeles by Archi Prudencio

A common question people ask newly engaged couples is, “How did he propose?” Whether your story is over-the-top, funny, or understated, it’ll always be a notable moment.  For Kyle and Alexis, their engagement story was simple yet heartfelt. Kyle planned a surprise proposal for his girlfriend, Alexis at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles. The sun was shining; the weather was fair; he couldn’t have chose a more perfect afternoon!

At about 1:30 p.m., Kyle laid out a blanket in the shade for the two to sit on. While Alexis, colored away on a notepad, Kyle began to work on a drawing. 30 minutes later, Kyle finished and showed Alexis his masterpiece. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The intricate floral design he sketched read: “Will you marry me?”

Ready with the ring in hand, Kyle got on his knees and asked the big question. Alexis of course said, “Yes!”

I cannot stress enough how equally enjoyable it was witnessing this proposal firsthand and capturing it on film. It’s moments like this that remind me of how much I love what I do.

Immanuel & Myrna Engagement Session Laguna Beach, CA by Archi Prudencio

A good rule of thumb to remember for any engagement shoot is: the beach is always a good idea. Lucky for us, we live in Southern California; where the coast is never too far away. For Immanuel & Myrna’s engagement session, we drove down to the city of Laguna Beach to hit some waves (in a different way).  

Something that made this shoot absolutely memorable was the energy Immanuel and Myrna gave off. The two were willing to go as close as they could to the shore during high tide to get the perfect shot.

I get so excited when I see couples take initiative and do what they do best--display their love.

I can’t wait to shoot these two again for their wedding in October 2016!




LA Air Hangar X Nike Basketball + Jordan by Archi Prudencio

You know you’re a lucky guy when you get the opportunity to work with Nike! For this once in a lifetime opportunity, I teamed up with cinematography gurus Jourgen Macalagay, Abe Recio, and Sean Phazes to create some footage for the WeAreVictory special event, which honors the USA Basketball Team’s collaboration with Nike. 

The spacious LA Air Hangar was the perfect backdrop for the aerial theme. Throughout the night, we watched several talented athletes soar through the air and dunk with so much finesse, Michael Jordan himself would be jealous.

Don’t believe me? Check out our photos and awesome footage!

Mark & Megan Destination Engagement Session in Yosemite National Park by Archi Prudencio

When your friends ask you to go on quick trip with them to Yosemite AND take engagement photos, you say, “YES!” Spending time with loved ones and creating everlasting memories is what we’re all about. So anytime we get the opportunity to do just that, we are absolutely game.  

For this destination engagement session, Mark and Megan invited us for a weekend of fun at Yosemite National Park. We were able to kill two birds with one stone by divvying up some time to shoot and explore nature’s beauty.

As per usual, Archi spearheaded the visual artistry while Jane used her beauty skills and creativity to produce stunning photos.

This trip is definitely one for the books! Thank you so much, Mark and Megan for allowing us to be part of your wedding journey and mini getaway!