Mark & Megan Destination Engagement Session in Yosemite National Park / by Archi Prudencio

When your friends ask you to go on quick trip with them to Yosemite AND take engagement photos, you say, “YES!” Spending time with loved ones and creating everlasting memories is what we’re all about. So anytime we get the opportunity to do just that, we are absolutely game.  

For this destination engagement session, Mark and Megan invited us for a weekend of fun at Yosemite National Park. We were able to kill two birds with one stone by divvying up some time to shoot and explore nature’s beauty.

As per usual, Archi spearheaded the visual artistry while Jane used her beauty skills and creativity to produce stunning photos.

This trip is definitely one for the books! Thank you so much, Mark and Megan for allowing us to be part of your wedding journey and mini getaway!