Happy Anniversary to my bro and sis Jimmy & Holly! / by Archi Prudencio

It goes without saying that weddings are incredibly heartwarming, emotional, and momentous. However when someone close to you gets married, like family for instance, everything is heightened and magnified to the tenth degree. You can’t help but share the same feelings of anxiousness, joy, and excitement as the bride and groom.

This special day was very close to Jane and her family. Her brother, Jimmy married his long-time love, Holly at the elegant Viceroy resort in sunny Palm Springs.  This unforgettable celebration was a weekend long affair. It was so much fun seeing the two families come together, relax, and have fun!

Jane wonderfully worked her beauty magic on creating a perfect look for Holly, while Archi and his buddy, Tony Le, created visual treasures for the newlyweds to remember and enjoy.

Looking back at this event one year later, we are completely overjoyed at how involved we were at making this day flawless for Jimmy and Holly.

Happy Anniversary you two! We love you guys!